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Migration to Java

The need for business to make its older, traditional, legacy systems platform independent and web-ready is growing by leaps, a growing number of legacy systems, including PHP and CGI etc, can now be migrated to Java for its security, speed, reliability, and cross-platform capabilities.

Application Migration Benefits

Mitigate business risks

Improvised systems performance

Minimize system dependencies

Increased data portability

Reduce ownership costs

Enhanced operational efficiencies

Enhanced technical support

Java migration services

Abstract Technology offers a unique combination tools of its own and services that provide comprehensive and cost effective migration solution to move your legacy application to Java platform. Its scalable methodology has been used successfully for many migration projects.

With years of migration experience, we have fostered a keen understanding of software migration development; this understanding enables us to perform the following types of migrations successfully:

  • Legacy technologies (such as perl, php) to Java application
  • Legacy Unix application to java applications
  • Legacy applications to j2me platform
  • Legacy CGI web application to java applications
  • Web enabling legacy applications to Java application
  • Pre- Java -to- Java migration
  • Java application re-engineering
  • Strategy services to select the target environment and plan your migration


Application Migration Approach

When it comes to application migration, we follow a well-defined and organized approach. Our well-planned approach helps business enterprises to meet their application transition objectives, which are critical to the achievement of their business goals.


Before we initiate the application migration process for any of your business systems, we thoroughly assess your existing systems to ensure all important aspects are factored.

Application portfolio analysis (AS-IS analysis)

Effort estimation based on application portfolio analysis

Identify migration issues and document all important activities


Definition plays a key role in an application migration strategy, as it is an important component for selecting and deploying of a new enterprise system.


Migration plays a centralized role in any application migration process, as it is the core objective of the project plan. Evoke Technologies keeps in view all your business requirements and challenges in view, while performing the migration activity. Our highly collaborative and integrated approach helps mitigate technical challenges that arise during this stage.


Deployment is the final stage of Evoke Technologies application migration approach, it is the stage where your new system is configured and implemented to meet your IT objectives. We perform rigorous tests to ensure that your new system performs at an optimum level and delivers you the expected results. Performance monitoring plays a crucial role in this stage, we undertake the below activities in this stage.

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Our Expertise

JAVA Technologies 98%
.NET Technologies 94%
PHP and Open Source 90
SEO 98
Cloud Services 98%


Architectural Design

Prior to actual coding, we develops an overall product architecture and identifies individual modular components as well as existing our tools and third party tools to be used. For each component, a set of interfaces is defined. This approach reduces the overall development time, minimizes the integration process, and improves the product’s testability.

Functional Features Requirements

Through systematic analysis of customer’s business needs, Kanda develops a detailed understanding of corresponding functional requirements and translates those into technically feasible functional features.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in-depth testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies and minimize the cost of fixing bugs.

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