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Croods Consolidates is a global information technology solutions company offering progressive end-to-end software development, mobile application, enterprise portal, web application, ecommerce development, technical support, enterprise mobility, testing, data & analytic consulting solutions by combining our business domain experience.
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Development of business-oriented software solutions turns out to be one of the most dynamically growing segments of software market nowadays. Thus, strong demand for software solutions of the kind calls for a flexible, efficient and cross-platform technological basis for enterprise application development.


J2EE Platform

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) defines the standard for developing multitier enterprise applications. The J2EE platform simplifies enterprise applications by basing them on standardized, modular components, by providing a complete set of services to those components, and by handling many details of application behavior automatically, without complex programming. It helps us in gaining competitive advantage by helping us in quickly developing and deploying custom applications so that we could provide our clients our unique business services.


J2EE platform offers many features to satisfy the demand for flexible, efficient and cross-platform technology basis for enterprise application development. Openwave offers its customers with software solutions precisely corresponding to the requirements of their businesses using the supremacy and flexibility of the modern approach offered by the J2EE platform.

Following are the Java/J2EE-based development services we offer:

Development of web-oriented J2EE-based solutions

  1. Migration of customer’s software solutions to Java/J2EE platform
  2. Migration of customer’s application servers to Java/Java EE platform
  3. Development of Java-based software products
  4. Consulting services on Java-based software development
  5. J2EE-based solution development



With its versatilty, efficiency, and portability, Java has become invaluable to us. It enables us to:

  1. Write software solutions on one platform and run them on virtually any other platform.
  2. Create programs to run within a Web browser and Web services making possible to bulild distributed software solutions.
  3. Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, HTML forms processing, and more.
  4. Combine applications or services using the Java language to create highly customized applications or services.
  5. Write powerful and efficient applications for mobile phones, remote processors, low-cost consumer products, and practically any other device with a digital heartbeat.

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Architectural Design

Prior to actual coding, we develops an overall product architecture and identifies individual modular components as well as existing our tools and third party tools to be used. For each component, a set of interfaces is defined. This approach reduces the overall development time, minimizes the integration process, and improves the product’s testability.

Functional Features Requirements

Through systematic analysis of customer’s business needs, Kanda develops a detailed understanding of corresponding functional requirements and translates those into technically feasible functional features.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in-depth testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies and minimize the cost of fixing bugs.

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