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Croods Consolidates is a global information technology solutions company offering progressive end-to-end software development, mobile application, enterprise portal, web application, ecommerce development, technical support, enterprise mobility, testing, data & analytic consulting solutions by combining our business domain experience.
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Accounting Software Development

Accounting software is a computer application that records and processes accounting transactions and functions as an accounting information system. It usually consists of several functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and trial balance.

How can I benefit from accounting software?

Well planned and implemented accounting software can handle all aspects of finance management. It is typically composed of various modules, dealing with particular areas of accounting, such as:

  • Accounts payable – where the company enters its bills and pays money it owes.
  • Accounts receivable – where the company enters money owed to it.
  • Billing – where the company produces invoices to clients/customers.
  • Expense – where employee business-related expenses are entered.
  • General ledger – the company’s “books”.
  • Payroll – where the company tracks salary, wages, and related taxes.
  • Reports – where the company prints out data.
  • Timesheet – where professionals (such as attorneys and consultants) record time worked so that it can be billed to clients.

Our Software specializes in custom accounting software development and delivers high quality solutions to businesses of different scale and in different industries. In our work we use modern technologies and individual approach to every company. The software solution you get working with us is:

Customized – specialized solution, developed exactly for your organization, considering all features of your business.

Secure – strong protection algorithms to prevent theft or misuse of your information.

Easy-to-use – simple and clear interface will allow you to concentrate on your work and will decrease your training costs

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Architectural Design

Prior to actual coding, we develops an overall product architecture and identifies individual modular components as well as existing our tools and third party tools to be used. For each component, a set of interfaces is defined. This approach reduces the overall development time, minimizes the integration process, and improves the product’s testability.

Functional Features Requirements

Through systematic analysis of customer’s business needs, Kanda develops a detailed understanding of corresponding functional requirements and translates those into technically feasible functional features.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in-depth testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies and minimize the cost of fixing bugs.

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