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PPC Advertising

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What is PPC?

You may have heard that a healthy dose of PPC advertising might be just
what your business needs—but what is PPC advertising?
PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is the standard term for advertising your
products and services on search engines, social media platforms and
across the web. You may also hear PPC called cost-per-click (CPC) or
search engine marketing (SEM). Now you know the name for those ads
that pop up when you search on Google.


Each time someone searches for a keyword on Google, there is an instant
auction to determine which ads will show. These auctions are controlled
in part by bids set by each business that advertises through AdWords. The
business determines how much they are willing to pay for a click on their
ad for that particular keyword.
That bid, as well as a keyword rating called a “Quality Score,” will
determine which ads get shown and in what order. If a user clicks on an
ad, that business is charged for the click (hence the name pay-per-click).
How it works
1. You set up an account with a PPC advertising platform like Google
2. You choose keywords and demographic information to select an
audience to advertise to
3. You create ads to be shown to that audience
4. You pay each time someone clicks on your ads


Is PPC right for me?
Should PPC become a revenue source for your business? Analyze the
pros and cons of PPC advertising to determine if your business can fid a
profiable place in Google AdWords.

Pro: See immediate results
You can set up an account with Google AdWords, add your payment
information and begin showing ads today. You will want to spend some
time building your campaigns and keyword lists (we’ll discuss that later),
but you can start advertising as soon as you are ready.

Pro: You control the spend
Managing your budget with AdWords is simple: you set the daily spend
amount for each campaign grouping, and that determines how many
times your ads will be clicked. Readjust your budget as often as you like—
reducing spend for under-performing campaigns and reallocating it to
more-profiable campaigns.

Pro: You can stop at any time
There aren’t any contracts with AdWords. You pay for the clicks on your
ads. If you want to stop showing ads, you can pause them at any time and
stop spending money. And it’s easy to come back to campaigns you have
paused and rework them to be more profiable in the future

Pro: Often cheaper than traditional marketing
Building an AdWords account of keywords that are highly related to your
products and services can be a much cheaper option than traditional

Con: Not for every industry
Not every industry has a large volume of potential customers searching
online, so that may limit your possibilities in PPC. Not every potential
customer translates into a lead or a sale, so that may be limiting as well
if your website doesn’t have great landing pages to convert skeptical

Con: Account management can get complicated
It’s easy to create an AdWords campaign—anyone can do it. Creating a
profiable AdWords campaign can be more diffilt.
Running a successful PPC campaign isn’t just a one-time deal; you need to
regularly analyze and optimize your account to react to conversion data
and search trends. You will need to fid the time to give your PPC account
the attention it deserves.

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